Welcome to the CHL Loyalty Rewards Program

Whether you want tickets to events, merchandise from your favorite team or to move points to your frequent flyer program, CHL Loyalty Rewards gives you the flexibility to enjoy how you reward yourself!

What can you get with CHL Loyalty Rewards?
Click on a point level under the catalog listing to the right and see what your CHL Loyalty Rewards can get you.

Looking to EARN points?
Visit participating CHL Loyalty Rewards' Merchants and with your qualifying purchases you will earn CHL Loyalty Rewards. PLUS, if you provide participating CHL teams a season ticket lead or corporate sponsor lead, that sign-up as a client, you receive CHL Loyalty Rewards.

Looking to SPEND points?
It is easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Redeem your points in the CHL Loyalty Rewards catalog for a variety of items and services.
  2. Check your mailbox for delivery.
  3. Enjoy!

Donít know what to do with your frequent flyer miles or frequent stay points?
Transfer those points into CHL Loyalty Rewards and begin enjoying the power of this program.


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